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Polyhouse concept emerge to undertake adverse environmental conditions such as excess of raining, high temperature, extremely cold condition, air flow etc.
Polyhouse is a specially constructed structure like a building for growing plants

Crop cultivation through polyhouses is hitech agriculture practice & one of the most intensive method of crop production. . Polyhouse cultivation is considered to be highly productive and environment friendly. The polyhouses are covered with the help of ultraviolet treated, 200micron plastic sheets, so that they may last for more than 3 years. The structure is constructed with the galvanized iron pipes.As per Indian environmental condition orientation of polyhouse should be north south direction.

The polyhouses help us in maintaining optimum range of temperature, humidity & CO2 concentration for particular crop. By adopting the modern technology of polyhouses, we have been able to minimize the difference in the demand and supply of Off-season for vegetable and fruits etc. this also facilitates to maintain the quality of produce along with quantity.

- Can control the temperature inside the Poly House
- Irrespective of sunlight, harsh winds, rains, you can grow whatever you want.
- You can maintain temperature according to your crop.
- Accurate water utilization
- You can grow a particular crop throughout the year.
- Better Protection from Pest and Insects.
- The requirement of Labor is very less.
- Water and Fertilizer requirement is also very less & accurate
- You can get superior quality yield with higher production.
- High yields when you compare to Open Farming or Conventional Farming.
- Increases Crop life cycle


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